Receipt Printers Enhance Customer Experience

Generally, one would not expect receipt printers to fulfill more than the obvious — print receipts. However, a closer look reveals that with some ingenuity, receipt printers can serve a number of roles to maximize a customer’s experience: deploying them at key locations to speed up customer throughput, ensuring accurate plus timely order processing, and keeping clients informed on current transactions or future deals.  Naturally, the POS system needs to drive these features and thereby create additional utility to the POS printer.  QUORiON POS systems accomplish this and thereby maximize value from your POS hardware.

Here are several features of receipt printers and ways to use them that can help your merchant IT clients enhance their customers’ experience:

Features That Reduce Wait Time At Point of Sale

  • High Speed Printing
    • Nobody wants to wait on the receipt. Quick invoicing minimizes bottlenecks and keeps the check-out line rolling along smoothly.