QUORiON POS Systems in Arabic

All QUORiON POS systems with designation CR-1000, QMP-3000/5000, and Touch now support the Arabic language.  In other words, the printer and display support Arabic characters written from right to left.

Please note the following conditions:

  • CR-1000
    Only cash registers with 8-line operator display can show Arabic letters – such as series CR-1xx2. The internal customer display is always numeric.  All thermal printers support Arabic.
  • QMP-3000/5000
    Only displays with 8- or 16-lines can show Arabic letters – such as
    QMP-5xx2 and 5xx6. The internal customer display is always numeric. All thermal printers support Arabic scripts.
  • QTouch2, QTouch15, and Concerto

Arabic letters are supported in receipt and total area of the screen as well as on the buttons. The internal customer display supports alphanumeric letters, but not Arabic. The external printer can print Arabic letters, if it supports codepage 864. Note: The QUORiON QPrint does not support Arabic characters, you may use Bixolon SRP-350 instead.

Come visit QUORiON POS systems in Arabic to view screen shots.

QUORiON Announces Release of Low Cost Cash Registers

In 2010 QUORiON will continue to follow its course in new product development.  After a successful entry into the PC POS market segment in 2009, the company now intends to sell low cost cash registers.  Next to the CR 30, the company will introduce the CR 20 cash register series.  The CR 20 will come with a complete new design and housing.

Moreover, it will feature 32-bit PC architecture, a fast printer, and data memory of up to 2 Mb.  “We wanted to provide our customers with an entry-level cash register model that did not require them to sacrifice speed and features,” Mr. Patrick Grueschow, VP of Marketing and IT, explains.  “Given today’s economic climate our dealer network must have a product that allows them to go head-to-head against competition from the Far East.  We designed the CR 20 precisely for this purpose.  Despite the CR 20’s small size and low cost, our clients will nevertheless have a cash register in their inventory that delivers true business benefits to their customers.”

New POS Software for Low Cost Cash Registers

The CR 20 will come with the QMP Light Edition software.  “We chose to equip the CR 20 with a toned down version of the QMP POS software to facilitate quick implementation at the customer side.  There will be no learning curve, because partners are already very familiar with our QMP software,” Mr. Matthias Hesse, Product Manager, adds.  “We also wanted to keep things as simple as possible, so that even new customers can quickly familiarize themselves with the cash register.  Nevertheless, the software will deliver all the required and common features you need in this segment. “

Hardware Profile

Furthermore, the CR 20 will not only derive its performance from the 32-bit architecture and fast printer, but also from its memory configuration.  “The data storage allows us to pack information and transactional data on a SD-Card.  This leaves more room to store software features in our programming memory.  Having both of these storage capacities separate really helps us in packing in as many features as we can,” Mr. Hesse asserts.  No doubt the end user will appreciate this as well.

The company intends to introduce the CR 20 early in 2010 as a low cost cash register.  The attractive price and small size will undeniably also generate interest with importers in fiscal countries, where owning a cash register is a matter of law as opposed to necessity.

Stock Control with QMP

QUORiON is proud to announce the successor to the popular OptiCash software.  OptiCash has been available for QUORiON’s CR series cash registers since 1998, but never included support for the new generation of QMP and touch screen POS systems.  “We always wanted to offer our clients a separate stock control solution for the QMP series, which became more extensive than what OptiCash provided.  Given the tight budgets in today’s competitive and price sensitive market, however, we will include it with Q-Prog absolutely free and cover the same functionality that OptiCash did”, Mr. Hesse, QUORiON’s product manager, explains.  “We may yet bring out a Back Office application in the future, but for now we wanted to cover the market requirements.  We have received great feedback from our loyal customer base and have used this information to round out the QMP POS software’s features”, Mr. Hesse adds.

At its chore, OptiCash allowed store owners to manage inventory as well as program their cash register.  Thereafter, the company released its QMP POS software, which used Q-Prog as the programming tool, but did not contain a true stock control function.  With the advent of stock control, the QMP POS software will now offer valuable tools aspiring businesses need.  Below is a list of some of the features you can expect.

  • keeps track of stock quantity for each PLU
  • additional information about cost price, inventory minimum, and inventory amount
  • easy stock taking (add and subtract stock)
  • create and print inventory and order reports
  • actualize data base automatically by click of one button
  • shelf label printing