How to Print out an Electronic Journal and Report on the Same Receipt

To combine different transactions of the cash register, such as report and electronic journal print outs, for instance, we suggest to use macros. To illustrate, you can define a macro function, which prints out the daily report and Electronic Journal with a single key stroke.

How to Set Key Functions for Your Cash Register
How to Set Key Functions for Your Cash Register

Loyalty Systems with QMP POS Software

You can use it to store names and addresses of up to 10,000 customers.

Furthermore it is possible to offer automatic discounts, price levels or a credit line to certain customers. You can set specific benefits per each customer. Of course it is also possible to get a Loyalty Report, to see in detail which amount each customer did.

The customer number can either be entered manually by keyboard or read by barcode scanner or magnetic card reader. This makes it easy to establish a customer card system.

The loyalty functionality is implementedĀ for QMP2000 cash registersĀ and QTouch series. Please check the attached document for further details of the programming. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask us.

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