September 2017 POS Industry News

September 2017 – POS Industry News Round-up

After a break last month we’re back for September 2017 with the latest POS industry news from around the web.  Once again, security issues received the most attention this month. Check it out!

SAP point-of-sale systems were totally hackable with $25 kit

The Register

Point-of-Sale systems from SAP had a vulnerability that allowed them to be hacked using a $25 Raspberry Pi or similar device, according to research …

Researchers: SAP Point-of-Sale systems vulnerable to attack

There are many ways hackers can exploit vulnerabilities to get the information they want. Flaws in Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems is on this list, and …

Security Central: Hurricane Harvey Breeds Hackers, PoS Systems Fatally Flawed

The VAR Guy

This week’s Security Central takes a peek inside Hurricane Harvey’s cyber scams, explores the fatal flaws of POS systems, and takes a look at the new …

Hackers snag a $1 laptop by exploiting flaw in point-of-sale systems


Security researchers have devised a way to offer steep discounts or steal goods by hacking vulnerable point-of-sale systems. The researchers at …

Choose your own price when shopping – SAP PoS terminals open to attack

SC Magazine UK

According to a blog post by researchers at ERPScan, several vulnerabilities in point of sale systems developed by SAP and Oracle were found that …

SAP POS Flaw Allows Hackers to Change Pricing

Infosecurity Magazine

A point of sale (POS) system from SAP is wide open—allowing anyone to go in and steal payment card data or, in a new cybercrime wrinkle, change …

Appetize Partners With CBORD To Bring Modern Payments To Its Diverse Portfolio Of Customers

Markets Insider

19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Appetize, the modern point of sale (POS) … Appetize’s scalable, state-of-the-art POS systems allows students to use ID …

Why Speed At The POS Can Be A Game-Changer For Stadiums

The ticketing system and customer relationship management systems may not touch every customer every game, but the POS very nearly does.

Hotel industry fights constant hacker exposures

Business Insurance

The breach was part of a cyberattack on Sabre’s systems disclosed in May. … “Accommodation was the top industry for point-of-sale intrusions in this …

September 2017 POS industry news continued…

The Vulnerabilities Of A POS System


When one speaks about a POS device, he or she usually means a system in a … POS is not a brand-new topic in the field of cybersecurity: attacks on …

How to Maximize POS Data for Top-Tier Marketing

QSR magazine (press release) (registration)

But POS systems and new technologies mean you can go above and beyond the fishbowl technique that will maximize your restaurant’s marketing …

Sonic Drive latest hit by POS data breach – credentials on dark web

SC Magazine UK

Information on the cyber-attack is limited so far, with no firm data on the number of cards affected, store locations involved, or how the POS system was …

5 POS Mistakes Small Retail Stores Need to Avoid Today

Small Business Trends

But large retail chains will be the beneficiaries of IoT adoption as they can afford to install state-of-the-art PoS systems. This could put small …

Upserve offers seamless online ordering

Fast Casual

Once an order is recognized by fax, email or separate tablet, it then has to be transcribed manually by a staff member into legacy point of sale systems, …

Six Steps to Improve Your Restaurant’s Point of Sale Operation Costs

Modern Restaurant Management (registration)

Outside of the eight-top burner and the kitchen dishwasher, the point-of-sale system is the most critical piece of technology in your restaurant.

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POS system ransomware

POS System Ransomware Threat Self Assessment

POS System Ransomware Threat Self Assessment – Is Your POS System the Next Ransomware Target?  Find Out with a Free Self-Assessment from Netsurion and EventTracker

Learn about POS system ransomware risks and how to protect your business

| Source:Netsurion; EventTracker

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. and COLUMBIA, Md., July 19, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As point-of-sale (POS) malware continues to pummel retailers and brands, POS system ransomware attacks are aggressively increasing in scope and frequency around the globe.  If cyber criminals put the two trends together, they can impact most or even all locations of large chains by locking up the POS system itself—the mission-critical nerve center of payment card-accepting merchants and service providers—while holding the company hostage until a ransom is paid.  Now, any business can find out its risk level and measure the impact of POS system ransomware with an online POS system Ransomware Risk Self-Assessment, offered at no charge from Netsurion, a leading provider of managed data and network security services for multi-location businesses, and security information and event management (SIEM) leader, EventTracker.

To date, the primary motivation of POS system attacks has been to steal credit card data that can be sold on the black market for $5 to $30 per account, depending on the data’s value. However, all payment card-accepting organizations need to anticipate that criminals might switch to POS system ransomware, attracted to the possibility they can receive more money, more quickly by holding a company virtually hostage with a new attack vector. One for which few merchant organizations are prepared.

“If ransomware attackers turn their attention to the already heavily targeted POS systems, and choose instead to hold a merchant hostage by preventing them from making transactions, victims could bleed millions of dollars in lost revenue daily until they recover the function of the POS systems,” said Netsurion and EventTracker Global CISO John Christly. “With the POS system Ransomware Risk Self-Assessment, companies can immediately see just how at-risk they are against potential ransomware threats, and what specifically they need to do to ensure they are protected.”

The POS system Ransomware Risk Self-Assessment can be accessed at no charge from both Netsurion and EventTracker. The online app provides:

  • The risk level for ransomware, and other malware, and what factors could escalate it
  • An estimate of how long the business may be down if ransomware at the POS is encountered
  • An estimated total revenue loss to show the real, concrete impact that ransomware can have
  • Customized POS system ransomware protection recommendations that are emailed and can be shared with management
  • ROI guidance to help security pros evaluate recommended security measures

Netsurion and EventTracker are committed to equipping businesses with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect their brands, bottom-line, and customers. In addition to providing the self-assessment, Netsurion and EventTracker hosted a POS system ransomware educational webinar, in which Netsurion and EventTracker’s global CISO presented detailed explanation of the threat, the potential impact, and recommended solutions.

The webinar took place on Aug. 1 at 1 p.m. CT. To receive a first-look at the companies’ upcoming POS ransomware whitepaper, visit

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September 2017 POS Industry News

July 2017 – POS Industry News Round up

Check out the new web articles covering a vast range of POS industry news from July 2017.  Looks like it was a busy month in the point of sale world. Enjoy the read!

POS Systems – Which one is for you

TG Daily (blog)

If you ask a successful retailers, “What is a POS System?”, most of them would say that it is the most important and central component of their business.

Get your ration with a phone call, OTP system

Economic Times

Modernization efforts of the department have seen POS systems being … However, there is resistance from PDS shops to shift to the POS system.

Credit card swallowed by the Dark Web?

IT News Africa

Lack of encryption between card readers and the PoS payment systems makes the stealing of credit card information easier for the attacker. It may be …

[POS Industry News] New integrated payment and POS solution brings 2-second transaction speed to …

The South African financial technology company that brought card-payment systems to smaller businesses as far back as 2008 has just announced a …

Delivery, Mobility and Data Security Dominate Tech News in June

Hospitality Technology

… of all data breach incidents are in the food and beverage industry and incidents affecting POS systems increased to 31% in 2016, from 22% in 2015.

5 advantages of POS system for retail merchants

BusinessZone (blog)

Opening a retail business is not easy. The challenges you will encounter are insurmountable. Adopting a point of sale system will help minimise these …

SAP Patches High-Risk Flaws in SAP POS, Host Agent


SAP Patches High-Risk Flaws in SAP POS, Host Agent … from the receipt window of a targeted PoS system without authentication, researchers say.

Changing the Face of Retail: GDA Co-Hosts POS Seminar in Atlanta

Gifts & Decorative Accessories

Then join us at AmericasMart, July 14, for a discussion on a potential new API that would evolve retailer’s point-of-sale systems and streamline the …

What smaller chains should consider as they grow

Nation’s Restaurant News

Most modern POS systems have quality tools that can be used to extract customer transaction data, so you usually don’t need a third party to get this …

New Warnings of More Ransomware Attacks On the Way

Credit Union Times

“We believe it’s the potentially devastating threat of POS ransomware. … deploy ransomware that shuts down the POS systems… effectively bringing …

Avanti Markets Malware Attack Included Biometric Information

Jonathan Sander, CTO of STEALTHbits Technologies, said the breach showcases the security problems facing all point-of-sale (POS) systems.

Biometric Data At Risk In POS Malware Attacks –

Full Coverage

CompuTant (Hawaii)

Point of Sale News ™ (press release)

with the best-in-class management systems, and we have a 30-year track … we are both capable and determined to deliver the perfect POS system.

6 Ways to Use POS as a Competitive Differentiator

Hospitality Technology

Many chains, however, prefer to allow franchisees to select their own POS system, both to ease the individual operators’ workload and to more quickly …

PayThink ‘Factory settings’ can seal payment devices from malware


While this attack was very specific, dropping a data logger targeting payment account information into POS systems, this mechanism could be altered …


Finextra (blog)

However, modern point-of-sale (POS) systems used by many businesses are all-in-one systems that perform nonpayment-related functions in addition …

Netsurion, EventTracker offer free POS ransomware assessment app


“If ransomware attackers turn their attention to the already heavily targeted POS systems, and choose instead to hold a merchant hostage by …

POS Industry News – Changing the Face of Retail

Gifts & Decorative Accessories

She followed by asking the retailers in the audience how many of them still do handwritten receipts, then she asked about other point-of-sale systems …

For EMV Compliance, Seamless Integration at Enterprise Level Is Key

Hospitality Technology

With the shift to EMV, these expensive POS systems have become non-compliant and a security risk. Implementing an integrated, compliant solution …

Global POS Systems Market 2017 – Alexandria Computers, BankServ, Bixolon, Clover, Dascom …

openPR (press release)

The report firstly introduced the POS Systems basics: definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain overview; industry policies and plans; …

POS Industry news – POS Terminal Market: Growth Boosted by Stipulations to Comply With Secured Systems | TMR

PR Newswire (press release)

Transparency Market Research’s new report on the global point-of-sale (POS) terminal market observes the scenario in the market to be fragmented …

7 Key Considerations When Selecting a Cannabis POS System

New Cannabis Ventures (blog)

One of the most important tools a dispensary owner can invest in is a solid Point-of-Sale (POS) system. Essentially, a POS system aids with managing …

Four Ingredients for a Successful POS

Hospitality Technology

But as a new restaurant with no legacy systems or bad habits from any old conversions, we had a tremendous opportunity to set things up right from …

Buying a Retail POS System? Here’s How to Choose the Right One

The retail industry is in the middle of a technological revolution that starts with the POS system. Here are the must-have features to look for in a retail …

Simple, speedy checkout the future of grocery

Fierce (registration)

“It is often a difficult exercise to determine the business case or ROI for changing or improving POS systems. Though they wouldn’t say it, a few grocers …

How Small Businesses Can Increase Their Digital Capabilities

Harvard Business Review

Historically, point-of-sale (POS) systems were vertical-specific, but today it’s more common to find open platforms that work across many verticals that …

POS Industry News – Global Tablet POS Systems Market 2017 – Square, INGENICO, iZettle, Intuit, Payleven, PayPal …

TechAnnouncer (press release) (registration) (blog)

The Tablet POS Systems report is offers a clear picture of the current and future trends, developments and opportunities. The report, prepared by a …

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