Product & Service Offering

QUORiON not only produces electronic cash registers, but also offers a variety of products and services to furnish the optimal POS solution for your business. For instance, our clients in fiscal countries place confidence in us, because we make the required changes in our POS software to fit your country's unique fiscal laws. Moreover, you can select from our complete range of peripheral devices to customize the system you order even further.

Why settle for generic products, when you can receive customization? Each POS system you acquire is an investment. By giving you exactly what you need, we help you achieve the highest return for your money.

Point of Sale System Production

  • POS Apps
  • Fiscal cash registers
  • Retail cash registers
  • Restaurant cash registers
  • Multi-Purpose cash registers
  • Embedded POS systems
  • PC POS systems

POS Software Development & Device Adaptation

  • QMP - QUORiON Multi-Purpose POS software
  • QOrder Mobile POS Android App
  • Electronic Journal Viewer
  • Fiscal law adaptations
  • Device connection

Sale of Peripheral Devices

  • Fiscal printer
  • Receipt/Kitchen printer
  • QuoriLog
  • Customer displays
  • Card readers
  • Scanners
  • Scales
  • Cash drawers

Products made in Germany

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