QUORiON Trademark & Branding Policy

QUORiON delivers great flexibility when it comes to brand names as well. Our main brand is the QUORiON trademark under which we produce most of our cash registers. However, under certain circumstances, QUORiON makes the OPTiMA brand name available also.

Lastly, QUORiON offers OEM production in cases where you want to place your own logo on the cash registers you distribute. As usual, QUORiON accommodates your requirements and gives you the choice that provides the best fit.

The QUORiON Brand

The QUORiON® trademark is our major and leading cash register brand name. It symbolizes the modern technology oriented objectives as well as the quality minded people in the company.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

Want to place your own company logo on the cash registers you purchase from QUORiON? No problem. QUORiON offers a separate line of cash registers with a clear and consequent differentiation in design and features. 

Private label business with the main QUORiON design is indeed possible and often based on existing distributors or the market's situation.  You can have QUORiON place your own corporate logo on your OEM cash registers.

Products made in Germany

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